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Qi Gong in the Parks

“QiGong is wonderful!  the movements and the breathing brought calm and relaxation.  The feeling seemed to last the whole day and into the next.  Ramita was patient and peaceful.  I will be seeking more!”  SJ

“Ramita is an excellent QiGong teacher.  Not only is she patient and clear in her instructions, she also provided some background into the movements.  I felt so energized from each sesion and look forward to more.”  GG

"Even though I am Ramita‘s brother and I’m slightly biased I find [QiGong] to be a gentle and soothing way to become aware of senses that I was once unaware of."  JB

“I love practicing QiGong with Ramita.  The focus on breath and gentle movement is a perfect balance to my training for swims.  In both, there is no “right way”, there is finding your way.  And the additional benefit of meeting outdoors in the beautiful parks makes this an organic and holistic experience.  Ramita’s easy-going approach makes us all feel welcomed and not pressured to “get it right”.  These sessions with Ramita have made me, a 60-year-old, much more open to other ways the eastern approach could improve my health both physically and emotionally.  P.S. I swim faster on days where we practice QiGong first."  JS

Qi Gong Healing Testimonials

"Ramita, your grief counseling during my daughter's illness was a life-giving influence during a really difficult time.  We had no idea how to deal with the specter of death. You enabled us to open the conversation on grief and death." VW

"Ramita’s teaching style provides a healing experience! She invites questions and provides validating feedback.  I would encourage my friends to join her class!" DC

“Ramita has worked with my family and me in various capacities of healing, communication, and self-improvement.  Her wide and varied expertise in family systems theory, end of life counseling, physical health techniques and strategies, including QiGong, Therapeutic Touch, yoga, mindfulness, and eating habits have created an overall improvement in mental and physical health for me, individually, and my interactions with my family and others."  PF

"Ramita was a constant support during a very trying time for our whole family.  We were caring for my son in his home when he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer.  For me personally, her loving use of [energy work] helped me remain centered and have a greater degree of equanimity emotionally and spiritually [during] those heartbreaking weeks. The most profound thing happened sometime after his death.  I was probably questioning if I had done the right things for him. She said to me, "If we dwell on the past we get depression, if we project into the future, we get anxiety. The only place where there is peace is here and now."  I will be forever grateful for those precious words."  SP

"I was at home, still mostly in bed, after a total hip replacement and Ramita came to offer some nursing care. She invited my 3 year old granddaughter to help her which I felt was brilliant.  It let the little one learn that she too had a role to play being a helpful family member.  Included in Ramita's care was [energy work] which helped with relaxation and pain relief. The combination of those two effects resulted in fewer doses of pain medication being used and more comfort in my recovery."  AKP



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