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      "Qi" means Life Energy          

"Gong" means Skill/Work          

Grounded in Nature, QiGong (pronounced “chee gung”) integrates breath, gentle movement, and attention/intention to transform stress into vitality, tension into flow, and distraction into present moment awareness. Most commonly practiced while standing, many postures can be modified for sitting and/or reclining. Originated in China and enjoyed by people of all ages for more than 4000 years, Western science has now confirmed what the ancients knew intuitively: Regular QiGong practice improves the quality and quantity of Life.  Now is always the perfect time to begin.

I lead QiGong practice sessions at various parks and facilities around Charleston such as Indigo Hall Assisted Living, Folly Beach, and Melton Peter Demetre "Sunrise" Park. Payment, via Venmo or cash on site, is $10 per person for group QiGong classes. Please subscribe with your contact information in order to receive updates, as the schedule changes with weather.  Get in touch if you'd like to schedule a class or course at another time/location.

QiGong sessions (private and group classes) are also available via Zoom. 

Contact me to discuss arrangements.

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What is QiGong?

Pronounced “chee gung” and spelled in several different ways (Chi Kung, Qi Kung, qigong), QiGong is part of an ancient system of health care based in Chinese Medicine and modeled on Nature.  “Qi” means energy, vitality, life force, and “Gong” means skill or work.   Practiced by people of all ages and abilities, QiGong means developing skill in working with life energy. QiGong is a time-tested self-care practice that maintains and restores optimal functioning in the body, emotions, and mind. By cleansing and clearing blockages and strengthening the flow of energy within and around the body, QiGong supports balance and harmony within and between the personal energy field and

the Universal Energy Field.

What happens during QiGong?

Most commonly practiced while standing, we begin with breathing, and learn postures, gentle stretching and enlivening movements, and deeply relaxing flows, which, over time and with practice, increase sensitivity to the very pleasurable sensations—tingling, pulsing, humming, for example, of Life Force moving through the body.

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How might I benefit from QiGong?

Ongoing QiGong practice transforms stress into vitality, tension into flow, and balances the quality and the quantity of Life Force moving in and around the body, cleansing and nourishing internal organs, harmonizing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of who we are.  Colors seem brighter, emotions more alive.  It is common to feel both energized and relaxed after QiGong, with a clear mind, an open heart, and a strong, supple body. Regular practice reduces stress, builds stamina, increases vitality, and enhances immunity.

Is QiGong right for me?

The slow, gentle movements of most QiGong forms can be practiced by people of all ages, abilities, belief systems, or life circumstances.  Most often done while standing, some postures can also be practiced while sitting and even lying down.  Qi feels good, and cultivating vitality strengthens the relationship with oneself while nourishing body, emotions, and mind.  What’s not to like?

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QiGong Testimonials

“Ramita is an excellent QiGong teacher.  Not only is she patient and clear in her instructions, she also provided some background into the movements.  I felt so energized from each session and look forward to more.”  GG

“QiGong is wonderful!  The movements and the breathing brought calm and relaxation.  The feeling seemed to last the whole day and into the next.  Ramita was patient and peaceful.  I will be seeking more!”  SJ

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