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village well qi gong



     In more than 30 years of practice as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Consultant, Ramita Bonadonna provided supportive psychotherapy and transpersonal healing to home-based and hospitalized patients and families, facilitated patient support groups, and taught mindfulness-based stress reduction programs and self-care to healthcare professionals and students. Building on her vast clinical background, Ramita now offers services grounded in QiGong principles and Deep Listening in the forms of self-care, personal and transpersonal healing, and science-based wellness products for an integrated approach that enhances well-being for individuals, families, and groups.

Village Well QiGong

Village Well QiGong, an outgrowth of a lifetime of service, is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of our human family and all of Life.


Classes are led by certified teachers who embody these self-care practices and offer instruction and services for the joy of promoting health and vitality.


Established in 2022, Village Well QiGong envisions a collective of like-minded instructors and students practicing together to expand and strengthen energetic Harmony and Balance, and to nourish the fabric of connection.

Ramita's Experience & Qualifications

  • Certified QiGong Teacher

  • Zen Awareness Practitioner

  • Member, Institute of Noetic Sciences

  • 30+ years practicing and teaching in the healthcare arena

  • Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner/Teacher

  • End of Life Counselor, Metta Institute

  • Masters Degree in Child/Adolescent Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

  • PhD in Nursing Science



'Ramita was a constant support during a very trying time for our whole family.  We were caring for my son in his home when he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer.  For me personally, her loving use of [energy work] helped me remain centered and have a greater degree of equanimity emotionally and spiritually during those heartbreaking weeks. The most profound thing happened some time after his death.  I was probably questioning if I had done the right things for him. She said to me,  "If we dwell on the past we get depression, if we project into the future we get anxiety. The only  place there is peace is here and now."  I will be forever grateful for those precious words.' S.P.

'I was at home, still mostly in bed, after a total hip replacement and Ramita came to offer some nursing care. She invited my 3 year old granddaughter to help her which I felt was brilliant.  It let the little one learn that she too had a role to play being a helpful family member.  Included in Ramita's care was [energy work] which helped with relaxation and pain relief. The combination of those two effects resulted in fewer doses of pain medication being used and more comfort in my recovery.'  A.K.P.


I'm always looking for new ways to share health-promoting practices in our communities.  Please reach out!

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